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Our decorative window and door grilles offer the security of window bars, yet take the design element of them to an entirely new level.  We have created a product which has the perfect balance between security and style, with a portfolio of designs organised under the headings of geometric, traditional, nature and curves to not only secure but also enhance the aesthetic appeal and value of any building into which they replaced.

These patterns can be produced to any shape or size. What’s more, the designs are fully editable meaning they can be shrunk or enlarged, features added or removed and even the thickness of the lines can be increased or decreased to suit your client's taste.
Add to this a range of finishes including metallic bronze, antique brass, galvanising and powder coating, and you have fully customisable window grilles which can blend in with your project or stand out to create a visual impact.

Our security grilles can be made into decorative screens or gates with hinges and locks, further enhancing the adaptability of this product.  If you have any questions about our window security grilles please email us here.


Additonal Info: Designed Window Security Grilles

There used to be only one choice when purchasing window security bars. These were cumbersome, ugly and had a detrimental effect on your property.
Our designed window security grilles have taken window grilles to a whole new level, adding a touch of panache to your project. They will also protect your property like security bars do.
These window bars have been expertly crafted to ensure you no longer have to choose between window security grilles and style.

Designs can be chosen to blend in sympathetically with a property or stand out to make a real statement.
Our decorative window bars can be browsed by themes such as traditional, contemporary, and geometric... ensuring you choose the design which will add real value to your home or business.
All of our window security bars are adaptable, which means the pattern can be edited to ensure you have the perfect bespoke design for you.



The most common phrase we hear when people come to us looking for window security grilles for their homes is, “I don’t want it to look like a prison”. This is an understandable sentiment but also indicative of the lack of quality design in the window security industry. This is why we have decided to focus on providing people with decorative solutions to their security requirements that enhance the appearance and value of their properties rather than detract. With our decorative window security bars fitted, our clients are as secure in their confidence that they have tastefully improved the appearance of their home as they are secure in the home itself. In designing our window security grilles we first established a high level of security that they would all offer, then set about achieving that in a variety of decorative ways that reflect the wide range of properties we work on and all of which meet or exceed the required level of security they should offer.



Our window security grilles are all made to the highest standard using a wealth of experience gained from working in both the security and decorative architectural metalwork trades combined with the latest equipment of a constantly evolving factory. Each of our unique window security grille patterns can be taken as a theme and used to design window bars and security grilles to suit any size or shape of window or door.



Window security grilles traditionally serve two purposes; firstly to make an opening in a building appear more secure and thereby act as a deterrent to any would be burglars thus preventing the burglary from taking place at all and secondly by acting as a impermeable barrier should an attempted burglary take place. Our window security grilles and bars serve both these purposes and unlike most other options also serve a third purpose of looking good. This means your property will be secured by design of the highest quality. By being secured by design rather than simply having bog standard grilles applied to its windows a property can be enhanced at the same time as being secured. In many cases by applying our design skill to create beautiful grilles which perfectly fir your windows we can find ways to adapt designs to the characteristics of your building and resulting in even greater degrees of security allied with even greater beauty. So with James Gilbert and Son you and your property will not only be secured by design but by great design. To make sure your property is secure by design we will send our team of specialists to measure every characteristic of your windows, assess their risk factor and design a security upgrade that is as low impact or high impact as you would like it to be.

A high proportion of burglaries are opportunistic and therefore the mere sight of a secure set of window bars can be enough to put the majority of burglars off. It would only be if a burglar is sure that there is something of particularly high value in a property that they would plan to attempt to break through a secure set of window bars. To break through secure window bars is a noisy and time consuming process and, therefore, a high-risk activity with a high chance of drawing the attention of someone who might raise the alarm. With modern manufacturing methods and integrity of design, window security bars do not always need to be made in super heavy materials. Quite often a lighter grade that obscures less of the light flowing in through a window is sufficient to represent a significant enough barrier to anyone considering unlawful ingress. The windows which are most apparent on a house, namely those that are on the front, are those where the greatest impact on the first and overall impression of the property will be felt if security features are to be added. This is why the design of window security grilles to fit in these places is of the highest importance. As these windows are the most exposed and apparent to the world at large they are not the most likely to be broken into so a wider variety of designs are available.



When we visit your property to carry out a security survey we can advise on which windows we consider to be at the greatest risk. Windows that are at the greatest risk are those that are in concealed and easy to access locations where people are least likely to be seen or disturbed while breaking and entering. These are usually at the back of terraced houses, at the back or side of semi-detached houses and in any concealed location of detached houses, such as behind bushes or architectural features.



An owner that wishes to upgrade the security of their property but who is also conscious of the impact that this could have on the value or attractiveness of their property, does not have to compromise on either the security level they achieve or their dedication to the integrity of the design ethic to which the exterior of their property is dedicated. By prioritising which windows are at the greatest risk and which are of greatest design importance a holistic design strategy can be achieved that not only secures it weakest points but also offers considered solutions to securing the most prominent access points and thereby adds to the over all design of a property and adds to its value.



Window security bars that have been designed to conform to insurance company requirements can pay for themselves in a matter of years through reduced premiums and claims. We can adapt any of our designs to suit the architecture of your property and match the structure of the windows they will protect. Both horizontal and vertical lines (should there be any) can be moved to match the location of glazing bars and existing features to lessen their visual impact.



Window grilles and security bars can be fitted both internally and externally. They can be permanently fixed, or made to lift off, slide or swing open for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Window security bars that are required to open can hinge on either side or both for centre opening. Window grilles can also be set at some distance off the wall both internally and externally to allow for side opening hinged windows. Externally they can also be designed to bulge at the bottom to allow for window boxes, troughs and other ornamentation, which can also be integrally included in the design of the security bars.



Window grilles and security bars that are fitted outside where they can be seen obviously offer a greater deterrent than those that are fitted inside as they re more immediately apparent. Sometimes security bars are designed to be as apparent as possible. Security bars and window grilles that are painted in bright or light colours that contrast with the dark appearance of the windows behind them offer a high degree deterrence. Many people prefer a more subtle approach and feel that it is sufficient that they have fitted security bars that are of a good design quality even if that design and the finishing is such that you cannot actually see them until the property is viewed at closer range.



To add to the aesthetic flexibility of our grilles and further enhance the effect their inclusion has on a design scheme, all our window security bars and window grilles are offered in a wide range of colours from the standard black and white through ranges of stone and brick matches to a selection of realistic gold and bronze metallics. We can even sample a colour feature of your property and match your window grille finish to that.



High security window bars can also be achieved in a style that retracts out of sight when they are not in use. This type of security window bars are called collapsible gates. Collapsible gates are ideally suited to fitting internally in situations where a high degree of security is required only part of the time, for example when the owner is not in residence. During such times they can be opened. When collapsible gates are opened they collapse to a much smaller size than they cover when they are closed. Collapsible gates are pushed to either one side or to both sides depending on whether they are designed to be side or centre opening. Collapsing grilles can be collapsed into dedicated boxes that house the collapsed grille or this part can be left on view or hidden behind curtains, thus achieving a full unrestricted view and access though the door or window over which they are fitted. When closed however they offer a very high degree of security. There are different grades of this type of opening high security window bars but needless to say we only manufacture the highest quality type offering the highest degree of security.

Collapsible gates can be fitted to the face of the wall over an opening (face fix) or inside the reveal (reveal fix). They run on rails top and bottom and the bottom rail can be made to lift out of the way when the gate is open to avoid a tripping hazard. Collapsible gates are also available in standard black and white or other more creative finishes at a premium.



We have been making decorative metal security and architectural features for a wide range of private and properties for over 130 years.


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