Metal Radiator Covers

For those who would like a more contemporary solution, to do away with the need for a wooden cabinet all together and have not just the screens but the entire Radiator covers made from highly conductive and fuel efficient metal in a low profile slimline design we offer our all metal radiator cabinets.

These super slim radiator cabinets not only take up much less room (approximately 50% less volume) than the standard wooden box by fitting snugly over your radiators but because they are also made from thin sheet metal just like the radiators themselves, they also transmit the heat into the room more efficiently.

Each architectural-quality piece can be custom made in a range of designs to suit contemporary and classically styled projects and has integrated features designed to project heat away from the wall and back into the room.

These bespoke made to measure radiator covers require no fixings and are ready to fit immediately on delivery. They are available as large radiator covers suitable for corporate offices, or small, slim versions where space is at a premium.

Available in a choice of raw and patinated metal finishes, powder coated to any RAL colour or supplied in undercoate for you to match to the colour of your room these designer radiator covers are a step into the future of interior design.


Radiator Covers

Our bespoke radiator covers give a new design alternative to standard wooden heater covers.

These radiator cabinets don’t stifle heat radiation. These metal cabinets actively encourage heat circulation thanks to the integral air flow guidance system and specific positioning of the patterns cut into each piece.

Whether you’re looking for an extra large radiator cover for an office or home, or a small, slim radiator cover for a studio, we can supply them made to measure in any height, width or depth needed.

There are unlimited patterns available to suit all kinds of tastes from modern and contemporary to more traditional.


Additional Information: Radiator Covers

Our metal radiator covers are the most cost efficient, attractive and eco-friendly way to improve the look of domestic radiators and are the only radiator covers that actually improve the heat transfer to your room.

Metal radiator covers and cabinets are the most efficient type of cover as metal as a material is the most efficient conductor of heat. That is why the radiators themselves are made from metal. 30% of the heat given off by a radiator, leaves it through radiation. All of that heat will pass efficiently through the walls of the cover, into the room. A wooden radiator cover will delay the effect of a significant proportion of that heat. The design is also important, not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from an efficiency perspective. Our covers are the only ones that have been specifically designed to actually improve the convection and reduce wasteful heat loss through the application of specific flow technology by throwing more of the heat directly into the room which is how 70% of the heat from a radiator is circulated.

The direct effect of fitting our metal radiator cabinet is an improved living environment achieved through:

Stylish design
Greater efficiency of your heating system
More warmth in your house
Less heat lost or wasted
Lower energy bills
A slimline design takes up less room
Instant easy access to the valves

And if that isn’t enough to give you a warm glow, you will also be combating global warming, thus protecting the planet for generations to come. All our metal radiator covers are made to measure and come with insulated backing panels to improve the efficiency of the radiator even further by preventing it from being lost through the wall behind it.

Better radiator covers and cabinets

The first ever radiator covers for the first ever radiators were sensibly made of metal. They were highly decorative, ornate and expensive, something only the elite could really aspire to. Such items are now sold as antiques for thousands of pounds. Then sometime in the last century, as radiators became an ubiquitous feature of most households but with out significantly improving their appearance beyond that of their most functional form, covers were designed to hide them. But these covers were designed using the materials of the furniture surrounding them with scant regard for the efficiency or effectiveness or function of the units they were covering. Instead of being made from conductive materials like the radiators themselves the covers were made from wood that encased the radiators in a heavy box along with the heat that they were producing. This hindered both the radiation and convection capabilities of the radiator resulting in a far higher degree of heat being lost through the wall behind the radiator, which in turn lead to people turning up their thermostats to compensate. So people have ended up paying extra to heat their outside walls, the air outside their homes and therefore unnecessarily contributing to global warming. Metal is the ideal material from which to manufacture a contemporary radiator cover. Due to its availability in sheet form and formability, metal can be folded exactly to fit every radiator and cut with a pattern to improve any environment. Contemporary radiator cabinets can be designed to be as invisible or dramatic and eye-catching as the client requires the only limit is that of creative genius. We have a wide range of contemporary radiator cabinets to choose from, in a wide range of finishes. Contemporary often currently means simple. Our contemporary radiator covers can be pared back to the bare minimum with completely plain front panels and extremely subtly styling or personalization can be added from there. Our contemporary radiator covers have none of the weaknesses of their MDF counterparts and are examples of pure contemporary design where refined form not only matches but is integral to exceptional function. Contemporary radiator covers have finally come of age.

Traditional versus modern and contemporary radiator cabinets

The wooden and MDF cabinets that people often refer to as traditional designs are in fact no such thing. Whilst they attempt to emulate styles of traditional wooden furniture they are in fact nothing like traditional radiator cabinets which were of course sensibly made in metal. MDF radiator cabinets are in fact an entirely modern invention in an entirely inappropriate material matched with an equally inappropriate design. MDF radiator cabinets contain the heat where they should allow it to radiate and also hinder the air flow essential to distribution of the majority of the heat given off by a radiator thereby pushing more of the heat into the wall behind the radiator that would otherwise flow freely into the room. They compromise the heat transfer coefficient to such an extent that the only improvement that they can be said to offer is when a radiator is too large for a room, in which case the loss of efficiency could be seen as an advantage. Paying a premium to force your boiler to work harder in the hope that some of the heat manages to escape the coffin it has been encased in, is not a cost efficient heating strategy. In a world where energy costs are constantly rising along with the temperature of the planet, people seeking modern radiator covers cannot really be considering MDF or wood as a viable material from which to have covers for their radiators made. Contemporary radiator covers made from metal have all the advantages of their wooden counterparts with none of the drawbacks and several rafts full of extra advantages.

Made to measure radiator covers

Made to measure radiator covers are the only option for someone who cares about their interior design. Having a radiator cover made to measure will ensure that the cover fits the radiator as snuggle as possible, is made as efficiently as possible for the greatest energy efficiency and aesthetic benefit. Made to measure radiator covers can be personalized with private motifs, crests or logos with can ether be emblazoned on the from of the unit or subtly incorporated into a repeated pattern. Made to measure radiator covers come in a far wider range of styles and are not restricted to a small range of radiators over which they can fit. Made to measure radiator covers can be made to incorporate other features such as shelves. Made to measure radiator covers in metal can be made all in one piece so that no site or home assembly is required. Made to measure radiator covers can be coloured especially to match the room for which they are intended and thereby almost completely disappear or they can be cut with dramatic patterns and backed with contrasting meshes. All our contemporary made to measure radiator covers can be safely packaged for home delivery and easy instant fitting.


Small Radiator Covers

Small radiator covers are often requested as people do not want to take up valuable floor space covering a small radiator with a large cabinet. Small radiator covers are more readily available in metal as the metal from which they can be made can be as thin as 0.7mm whilst the wood and other composites that other types of small radiator covers are made from is often more than 17mm thick with added overhangs and skirtings. As wooden cabinets also restrict and retain so much of the heat , they have to be bigger to allow greater internal air circulation. This is not the case with metal small radiator covers which can often be almost exactly the same size as the radiators themselves. Small radiator covers can be made in as many styles as their larger counterparts. Large radiator cabinets can be made as long or as high as they need to be. Large radiator covers can be made significantly larger than the radiator that they cover in order to include extra shelving or a particularly long top shelf. Due to the large surface areas large radiator cabinets have greater display area for their chosen design. So it could be conceived that the design of a large radiator cover is more important than that of a small one. Large radiator cabinets can be made t incorporate several radiators into one unit thus simplifying the view of a wall. A large radiator cover can be made just as shallow as a small radiator cover thereby taking up as little floor space as possible.

Extra Large Radiator Covers and cabinets

Extra large radiator covers can be made at special request. We have made them before for films, hospitality and retail outlets. Extra large radiator cabinets can be made to incorporate more than one radiator and include additional features such as shelves etc. 

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