Metal furniture handles

Our sculpted solid brass cupboard handles combine strong yet simple lines, to produce pieces of sheer elegance. We have meticulously designed each piece to ensure an optimum appearance is achieved from every possible angle. Not only do these brass handles mimic the clean lines of their surroundings from in front, they cleverly reveal added design detail when seen from above. Available in three standard sizes, these handles will bring a high-end design element to your drawers, cabinets, cupboards and doors as kitchen door handles and drawer and cupboard handles.

Kitchen Door Handles

When used on kitchen cupboards and units they are designed to be predominantly placed horizontally or vertically on the cabinets though added interest can be achieved by placing them at other angles. Our range of designs will please architects and designers working on modern and traditional projects, plus our bespoke service means custom made pieces can be made, providing unlimited design possibilities for your project. All handles are sculpted from top quality solid brass which has a high copper content. This means they naturally provide anti-bacterial properties making them perfect for kitchen doors and kitchen cupboards. They are then hand finished with traditional polishing and patinating techniques, this brings further layers of hidden interest to the pieces, for everyone to enjoy.

Architectural Quality Furniture Handles

Our elegant metal handles for furniture doors and drawers can be used to, open, pull, slide, pivot and close all forms of storage covers. They are all made from pure high quality solid metals in small batches to ensure a maximum possible standard is achieved for them to provide feature accents to the furniture and the environment into which they are placed. Our tactile furniture hardware reflects the rectilinear nature of the panels to which it is applied. Every piece is hand softened to make sure they are as good to touch and use as they are to see and own, while maintaining all the crispness of their precision engineered, angles and surfaces with ergonomic lines in beautifully striking shapes. Hand polishing and independent inspection ensure a rare and flawless shine is achieved exactly where desired and authentic, dark antique textures guarantee a convincing patina. Our bespoke services mean that any design can be adapted to suit your requirements for something unique to you and the finish can be matched to your other fixtures and fittings.

Cupboard Handles

Our furniture and cupboard handles have been precision engineered using the latest technology to produce door pulls that make a real statement. Choose from over 20 refined designs which have been created to take your drawer handles to a completely new level. These cabinet handles use simple yet striking architectural shapes to create the perfect balance between function and form.

Brass Handles

Our brass handles have the versatility to be used anywhere in the home and make perfect kitchen door handles. This is because their simple horizontal lines fuse harmoniously with their surroundings, making them ideal kitchen cabinet handles too. Cleverly, these hand finished pieces reveal extra design detail when viewed from above, making them great for use as kitchen drawer handles too.

These designer kitchen handles have an added benefit too. Their natural anti-bacterial qualities mean they are especially suited for use as kitchen cupboard handles and kitchen unit handles. This is due to the high copper content of the solid brass knobs.

Our choice of realistic antique finishes turn these kitchen handles into true masterpieces. Using techniques used by artists to finish bronze sculptures, we will add an extra dimension to your drawer handles. We combine contrasting finishes by polishing some cabinet handle surfaces, and then patinating others to create further layers of hidden interest within your door pulls.

Every brass drawer handle has been produced using over 135 years of experience working with architects and interior designers who refuse to compromise on the aesthetics of their brass cabinet handles. We've listened to their requirements and added our expertise to create brass cupboard handles of sheer excellence. The real beauty of these brass kitchen handles is they can suit both classic and contemporary environments too.

Every style of brass drawer pull comes in a range of three standard sizes, however we can make them to any size by request. A truly exceptional range of hand finished solid brass hardware which has the versatility to adapt to any area of your home or office.

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