Decorative Screens

We've combined cutting edge design and engineering with traditional polishing and patinating techniques to produce a range of architectural quality decorative screens.

Available in two levels of design detail, these decorative panels can be made to produce bold, striking designs or incredibly fine detailed and delicate patterns or both levels of detail can be combined for stunning effects. These architectural screens can be produced in a range of thicknesses and can be produced as flat panels, framed, hung or folded for easy fitting.  Our metal screens can be used indoors or outdoors as:

  • Room dividers and privacy screens
  • Decorative wall and and celing panels
  • Ballustrade panels
  • Furniture door panels
  • Inlays
  • Sun shades
  • Window blinds
  • Curtains
  • Artwork
  • Backlit panels
  • Edgings and borders
  • Garden screens
  • Security screens
  • Radiator screens and vents

These architectural panels are available in a large range of materials including high quality copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel & mild steel.  We can also produce corten screens for projects requiring a rusted industrial aesthetic.  

There are over fifty standard patterns to choose from all available in in bespoke sizes to order.  Likewise, each design is fully editable allowing you to choose you own level of open area and design detail; or you combine elements of more than one pattern too.

They come in an equally impressive range of finishes including many shades of antique brass, bronze, satin stainless, nickel and pewter, zinc, verdigris and rust. These pieces of architectural metalwork can also be powder coated to any RAL colour or colour lacquered. This means each laser cut screen can be finished so that it becomes perfectly appropriate within both modern and traditional projects. 

Additional Information

James Gilbert & Son specialise in architectural metalwork, making us experts in the field of decorative screen making. Our laser cut screens combine cutting edge technology with traditional craftsmanship to produce pieces of sheer beauty.  We use a combination of high quality materials, hi-tech cutting techniques and traditional finishing methods to produce these architectural quality decorative panels.

The metal screens can be used as room dividers, privacy screens, garden screens, wall and ceiling panels, furniture door panels to name just a few; and are available in a range of materials including copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel. How about corten screens which feature a golden bloom for a luxurious, rustic feel?

These architectural screens can be produced flat, with frames, hung from a ceiling or can be folded for easy fitting and come with a range of finishing options including lacquering, powder coating and metal patinating.  Our architectural panels suit modern and classical environments and add an extra special finishing touch to your project.


Decorative Metal Panels

The decorative patterns displayed below include our most ornate and intricate patterns. These patterns can be scaled, isolated or repeated to suit any size decorative panel for any application. If you are looking for a detailed and ornate decorative panel then please choose one from the patterns on this page and contact us with more details of your requirements. . If you would prefer a more simple pattern then you might prefer to view our floor grilles patterns as they are generally of a simpler, less intricate nature. They can also be adapted to suite any aperture or purpose.


Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 1
Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 2
Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 3
Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 4
Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 5
Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 6
Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 7
Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 8
Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 9
Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 10
Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 11
Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 12
Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 13
Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 14
Decorative Panels by James Gilbert and Son - Image 15

Decorative metal panel patterns

The decorative panels displayed here are our standard patterns but do not represent the limit of our capabilities. If you have a pattern of your own then we will be happy to use that to create a bespoke panel for you. The panels are shown here in a brass-like colour but can be created in any one of our finishes.

Common uses for decorative panels

The most common uses for decorative panels such as these are in heating or air conditioning units, to cover the aperture where ducting opens at a wall, as radiator grilles, speaker grilles, decorative panels in furniture doors, floor mounted gratings, as wall or ceiling mounted vent covers, as decorative dividing screens between different areas of a room, as decorative panels in balustrades, as air vent covers, both inside and outside buildings, as shower grates, lighting filters and sometimes as decorative features unto themselves, serving no other purpose other than to look appealing and improve the ambiance of their surroundings.

Custom made decorative panelling

For some of these applications they can be supplied for fitting just as they are and for others they can be supplied with matching frames. Whilst some patterns lend themselves to a rectangular format as these decorative panels are displayed, all the patterns can be adapted and applied to any shape panel required, be they parallelograms for fitting along the side of a staircase or random polygons for other architectural or more artistic purposes. They can be elongated into long narrow strips and applied as panelling, framing or edging strips to furniture and interiors.

Where the panels are to be used where sound or air is to pass through the holes and it is desired that the view through the grille should be obscured then a fine or coarse backing mesh can be applied to the back of the grille. This can be fitted permanently before delivery. If it is intended that the grille should be viewed from both sides (as in a decorative screen), then the mesh can be sandwiched between two layers of the decorative panel.

Frames for decorative panels

Frames are available for all these applications and can be supplied pre-fitted to, or separately from, the grille. It is assumed, unless otherwise specified, that the finish specified on the grilles or decorative panel should match the frames and meshes so that all parts form a unified unit in one finish. Sometimes however it is beneficial to have a contrasting frame or mesh to better display the pattern. The most popular version of this is to have a matt black mesh behind a natural metal finished grille.

Popular metals for decorative panels

The most popular metal for ornate screens that will be used internally and grilles is brass which can either be polished or aged to match existing finishes or ages, or bronzed to look like bronze or we can cut your grilles from actual bronze as we have recently done for a royal residence in Kensington Palace Gardens.

When to use decorative panelling

Our ornate grilles and screens are popular in domestic, commercial and especially hospitality focussed environments, like hotels, restaurants, casinos, clubs and cinemas, where an impressive impression is required. Our decorative panels grace some of England’s finest establishments, yachts and private residences.

Ask the experts

Whatever application or location you think our decorative panels and screens might help, please email your ideas for your project and we will be glad to help develop them.


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London’s Decorative Metalwork and Metal Grille Specialist

James Gilbert & Son specialises in high quality decorative metalwork. We are the world's oldest manufacturer of decorative metal grilles. Over the last 135 years we've produced architectural quality metal works for some of the biggest brands on the planet, yet we don't forget our roots nor our smaller customers.

We use manufacturing, polishing and patinating techniques that we have honed to perfection for over a century, alongside contemporary engineering technologies.

At the centre of our business are decorative grilles including hand woven-wire and regency grilles, decorative screens and panels with associated frames and decorative metalwork. These grace some of the finest hospitality and entertainment venues, public buildings and private residences the length and breadth of the U.K. and beyond.

We have expanded our core range to produce products which befit modern living; offering a greater range of materials, designs and finishes than ever before. This range includes floor grilles, air conditioning grilles, air vents, radiator covers, decorative screens, frames, inlays, endings, cladding materials, security products, shelving systems, furniture, fittings and much more.

We are always using our knowledge and experience to bring innovative products and metal processing techniques to the market and our 2016 range includes a whole portfolio of new materials designed to contrast and compliment our metalwork. The location of our central London works makes us ideally located for supplying high quality decorative metalwork at short notice to satisfy the fast paced requirements of London’s design and construction industries.

We provide a fully comprehensive decorative metalwork manufacturing service. Our brass, bronze and steel products including radiator and floor grilles, furniture, fixtures and fittings are dispatched all over the world. We work with architects, interior designers, construction contractors and fit out companies, product designers and private clients on contemporary and historic projects where a high standard and attention to detail are required. We are more than happy to instruct and advise your on site contractors to ensure fitted products are applied correctly. With our extensive experience of processing and chemically treating metals, all our decorative metal grilles and associated decorative metal products can be treated to make the finish match the style and era of the project. We also colour match existing finishes if samples of original pieces are supplied. We have fully equipped metal working facilities with both historic and state-of-the-art machinery, which means our skilled craftsmen can truly fulfil your decorative interior and architectural metalwork requirements.

Whether your project involves the restoration of a single item – such as the supply of a single radiator grille - or the complete refurbishment of a modern department store or chain of historic hotels, please send us details of the project now including measurements, photographs, architectural drawings, CAD files, pdf’s, sketches on envelopes, pipe cleaner models, vague notions and loose concepts are all accepted as starting points. The best results are achieved when we are included in the early stages of a project from where we are happy to advise and be on hand to help all the way through to completion. Let us initiate the discussion as to how we can help you now, and we look forward to working with you!

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Our Customer Promise

We guarantee that you will be more than happy with our decorative grilles. If you have any queries, please get in touch.