Fine and Coarse Brass Mesh

As well as our range of vents and grilles, we can supply brass meshes in two standard hole and wire sizes that we refer to as ‘fine’ and ‘coarse’.

Fine Brass Woven Mesh

  • Specification - 16 wires per inch
  • Hole Size - 1.21mm
  • Hole Shape - Square
  • Wire Size - 0.375mm
  • Wire Shape - Round
  • Open Area - 58%

Coarse Brass Woven Mesh

  • Specification - 8 wires per inch
  • Hole Size - 2.55mm
  • Hole Shape - Square
  • Wire Size - 0.63mm
  • Wire Shape - Round
  • Open Area - 65%

Dimensions, Finishing and Lead Times for Fine & Coarse Mesh

  • Max Width* - 1220mm
  • Other Dimension* - Suggest 5000mm for brass**, larger available on request
  • GUIDE Lead Time - 1 week
  • Finishes (Patinated)* - Antique Brass and Bronze (add 1 week to lead time)
  • Finishes (Plated)** - Satin and Bright Nickel (add 2 weeks to lead time)
  • Other finishes - Black or Undercoat (same lead time as brass)
  • Samples - Brass finish available on request, other finishes are chargeable

* If ordering pieces, which are cut to size, and narrower than 1220mm the edges will be straight. If ordering to the full 1200mm width, the edges at the ends of the 1200mm dimension may be subject to some fraying. If you do not need the full 1200mm we can trim this for you if advised to do so. You can also trim this product yourself using sturdy scissors.

** Max size for patinated and plated panels is 1200mm x 2000mm


These brass meshes, being of a finer nature than our grilles, are more flexible than our other products and can therefore be used where a curved shape is required. The fine mesh is virtually cloth like, and the holes are so small that it is hard to see them even from close up. The coarse mesh, being made of a thicker wire is more rigid but still flexible enough to roll and bend around tight curves and hold its shape where necessary.

Re-Sizing & Tolerances

Mesh can be supplied either as large panels for you to cut to size on site, or as ready to fit pieces cut to your bespoke sizes. Please remember to include any overlap you may require for fixing inside your cabinets. Tolerance is 1 to 2mm.

Holding Shape

Where brass mesh is supplied without a front grille, smaller panels are usually packed and supplied flat. Larger panels – generally more than 600mm in one dimension - will be supplied as a roll for Convenience. If given a loose curve the mesh will generally spring back when released, A tight curve will be remembered by the mesh that will then retain some of that curve These rolled panels will retain some of their curl when they arrive and can be flattened by reverse curling on site, either by hand or by pulling it across the edge of a table. We can advise if necessary.


  • This is a woven product that can move and flex, so absolute flatness should not be expected on large, fitted panels, without grilles attached to the fronts, to which they are held at regular frequencies across the panel
  • If folded the mesh will form a crease that remembers and retains the fold line. This can be very difficult to remove so should be avoided unless intended permanently.

Mesh Choice

If you are using a mesh to obscure the view of what is behind it, then we recommend you choose the fine mesh, which by its nature is the more opaque of the two. If hiding the contents is not essential and you are happy to see what is behind it, or where greater air flow or light passage is required, then the coarse mesh is the optimum choice. Visibility of items behind the mesh, such as a radiator in a radiator cabinet, can be reduced even further if the background is painted black. This will also give greater prominence to the grille or mesh in the foreground.

Patinated & Plated Mesh Contrast

The contrast between a mesh and a grille can achieve a particularly striking result. In a similar way that satin brass grilles that are backed with darker mesh can stand out particularly well, a brass mesh can be used to highlight an existing darker grille. Again, this effect is enhanced by the darkening of the background.

Alternative Products

This is the same mesh that we attach to the back of our woven, regency, and perforated grilles for those who order ‘backed’ grilles. However, If you require something even more rigid that will automatically hold itself flat even on a large panel, we recommend one of our woven grille patterns, which can be supplied either as a standalone grille, or with one of these meshes attached to the rear as a backing mesh. The holes sizes of our woven grilles start at 6mm.

Mesh Uses

Whilst most of the brass mesh we sell is attached to the backs of our grilles used mostly for heating and ventilation applications, some other uses for this mesh are as: air vents, decorative furniture grilles, small mammal and insect prevention screens (smaller holes provides better protection), decorative screens, decorative cabinetry panelling, lighting, sculpture, and a wide range of artistic or purely decorative uses.

Other Types of Mesh

Other holes sizes, wire sizes, materials, finishes and patterns, such as phosphor bronze filter mesh also available by special request but are not held in stock, and may be subject to a minimum order quantity. Delivery times will also be extended.

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