6 Antique Brass Decor Ideas We Love

As a staple in decorating, brass has made a significant comeback, appearing in everything from lamps and frames to vent covers, edgings, inlays and door furniture. It’s safe to say, we love a bit of antique brass decor. 
The gleaming metal may have an upscale reputation, but by adding it to your home with unique pieces, you can create an elegant yet modern look. Brass serves as yet another way to add a unique style to a room.
Why has antique brass made a comeback?
Why is antique brass so popular with designers and homeowners? Antique brass gives any space a touch of elegance and old-world glamour, while maintaining a timeless appeal. With its rich accents and warm-toned shades, antique brass will bring an instant gilded sparkle to any space in your home. 
6 antique brass interior decor ideas for your home
Here, we've curated six of our favourite brass finds for achieving an antique brass interior décor style that's unique and charming.
Antique Brass Fixtures
Brass fixtures are a great way to add some unique flair to your home. Whether it's a brass frame or a brass radiator grille, brass fixtures are a timeless choice that will never go out of style, and can give a warm antique vibe to your home. 
Antique Brass Mirrors
Brass Mirrors are a great decor idea for any room. They add a touch of class and are perfect for adding drama and glamour to your space! 
Mirrors are also used as a way to make a small space appear much larger than it actually is. They also help lighten up dark corners in your rooms. 
Hang your brass mirror on the wall above your fireplace or over your mantlepiece, or put one on top of an antique dresser in your bedroom or living room.
Antique Brass Decorative Raditator Grilles 
You won’t believe the difference a brass radiator grille will make to your home. A radiator grille is a piece of hardware that helps to protect the radiator from dust, dirt and other debris, however, it also helps to provide an aesthetic appeal to any room or building, and with our unique designs, your radiator grille can appear as an antique piece in your room. 
Check out our incredible selection of brass metalwork grilles here [INSERT LINK]. 
Antique Brass Kitchen Appliances
A nice change from stainless steel appliances, brass appliances, such as taps & plug sockets, will give your interior décor a warm glow and make it feel like home! The color is also very versatile against your kitchen decor — brass looks great with darker wood tones but can also be paired with light wood tones like maple or oak, or even light kitchen tile shades. 
Antique Brass Tabletop Accessories
Sprinkle brass around your home by adding a few brass items such as picture frames, candle holders, wall clocks or lamps. It will give your room the antique brass vibe you’re craving. 
Antique Brass Bathroom Finishing Touches 
Swap out your current shower head for an brass one, or upgrade your sink to feature a beautiful brass tap, or make the changes even smaller with a simple unique brass pot for your toothbrushes or an antique brass soap dish. 
Antique brass interior decor has remained a preferred option for settings of luxury and sophistication. Investing in antique brass accessories is sure to add a dash of polished glitz to your otherwise ordinary space, transforming it into a mesmerizing yet cosy room.
It's time for you to let go of the conventional and use antique brass decor to transform your dull spaces into extraordinary settings!
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