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As a business that specialises in decorative brass grilles fixtures and finishes within commercial and domestic markets, we were delighted to be invited to supply unique bespoke metalwork and finishes for a luxurious development in West London with our distinctive range of materials and design.

The private client who was in charge of the project was already an enthusiast of our bespoke brass fabrication service and asked us to make features all over the house, including brass lighting fixtures, brass grilles, brass frames, brass edging, brass inlays and metal inlays, clothes racks and rails as well as various cladding panels for the doors and wall, with the design extending into the underground spa, all in brass, with, a variety of bespoke finishes ranging from mirror polished and lacquered through various shades of antique and bronzed effects.

With a sustained theme of brass to transmogrify the house, the finished result was stunning! A beautiful juxtaposition of elements, with the neutral backgrounds of plain colours or natural materials against the solid, striking gold coloured metal finishes.

One of the most outstanding features was the enclosed outdoor terrace. The marble floor complimented the enclosed garden balcony beautifully. The gold cladding and brass grilles that surround the plant beds, enabled the marble to reflect within the polish finish, creating an almost water-like feature within the garden room. What was initially a small balcony area, then became a space for calm, wellness and self-reflection. An oasis of calm and retreat for the often-busy life of one living and working within London.

The brass grilles that played host to the fireplace, with the polished brass finish illuminate the fire once lit, within the brass surround.

For the social, domestic area, the gold shelving against the dark, mahogany wood panels created a 1920’s style with the glasses and drink bottles creating a chic and fashionable drinks station.

Some interesting features were the main bathroom and walk-in wardrobes in the master bedroom. The discreet brass door frames, brass rails, brass inlays, and brass edging all sparkle in the lighting, which has been tucked within the shelving, ceiling, and flooring. 

The bathroom’s finishes were a little more subtle, with the edging in brass to link the two sinks within the washroom. The brass edging matched the brass taps, allowing for the colour to stay distinct against the more neutral backdrop.

The whole house played host to a wealth of other subtle hints of colour with light fixtures, shower, taps, and flush plates, wardrobe frames and handles and matching accessories, that can be found throughout the house.


We felt very much that this particular project allowed us to demonstrate some of our more niche product and services, that we can finish in a multitude of colours, perfect for professionals looking for those special architectural details.

Our brass colourings range from polished brass finishes, antique brass finishes, bronze finishes, bronzed brass, aged brass, patinated brass and antiqued brass, all but to name a few. To view our extensive range of colours and finishes click here. 

With colour and continuity of finish already high demand in the design market and continuing to expand further, we look forward to the opportunity to advise and liaise on your next project. 

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